You Should Visit: Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro

May 8, 2023 6:45:00 AM | Travel You Should Visit: Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro

The Rio Botanical Gardens is a stunningly beautiful urban oasis in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. Experience the breathtaking beauty of tropical plants and flowers, explore the rainforest, and admire the stunning views. Enjoy a day of relaxation and exploration among nature's wonders.


Visit Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro (Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro)

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Some History

The Rio Botanical Garden was founded in 1808 by the Portuguese Royal Family (King John VI or João VI in Portuguese) of Portugal. It's located near a residential neighborhood in the Quinta da Boa Vista at the foot of the Corcovado Mountain. This is the same mountain where Christ the Redeemer is located so there is the opportunity to combine trips.

The garden was originally established as an Imperial Botanic Garden with the purpose of cultivating new and exotic plants from around the world. The garden continued to expand after it was opened to the public in 1822 and now covers an area of approximately 350 acres, 130 of which are open to visitors.

Flower, Jardim Botanico do Rio de Janeiro

It houses over 6,500 species of plants, including many rare and endangered species, and it is considered one of the most important botanical gardens in Latin America. In recent years, the garden has been modernized and developed, including the construction of a new greenhouse complex and a new visitor center. The garden is open to the public, and it hosts a variety of educational and recreational activities, including guided tours, lectures, workshops, and art exhibitions.

Getting There

The easiest way to get there is to take the subway. Take Line 1 to the "Jardim de Alah / Leblon station, and the gardens are a short walk away. You can also do like I did an simply take an Uber or Taxi.

Purchasing Tickets

Tickets to the gardens can be purchased online at Alternatively, you can also buy tickets in person at the ticket offices which are located at the entrance. Note: in person ticket purchases are CASH only! If you want to use your card, it's best to purchase ahead of time.

Brazilians who live outside Rio pay entrance fees of R$27, those from Rio pay R$17.

Visitors from Mercosur countries will pay R$50 for tickets.

The standard admission fee is R$67, or approximately $12 USD.

What to See



The Orchid Greenhouse in the Rio Botanical Gardens is home to more than 500 varieties of orchids from around the world. This includes a collection of rare and endangered varieties, making it a must-see for any orchid enthusiast. Visitors can explore the greenhouse and learn about the different species of orchids that are on display through an interactive guide that provides information about each orchid, including its native country and its color.

The Cactus Garden at the Rio Botanical Gardens is a stunning display of cacti, succulents, and other drought-tolerant plants. This garden covers approximately 10,000 square feet and is filled with an array of unique and interesting specimens. The garden includes a variety of plants, from large saguaro cacti to rare barrel cacti. The garden is an excellent place to explore and learn about the many varieties of cacti and other drought-tolerant plants.


The Japanese Garden in the Rio Botanical Gardens is a tranquil and peaceful area that offers visitors a chance to experience the beauty and culture of Japanese gardens. This area includes a variety of trees, shrubs, and plants that are native to Japan, including Japanese maples, cherry blossoms, and bonsai. The garden also features a koi pond, a meditation garden, and a bamboo grove.


The Avenue of Royal Palms is a long, grand pathway in the Rio Botanical Gardens of Brazil, lined with tall, majestic palm trees. The palms, which are native to Brazil, are planted in perfect rows that lead to a stunning view of the city. The Avenue of Royal Palms is a popular attraction, and is often used as a backdrop for weddings and other special events. The trees are also home to many birds and other wildlife, which makes the path even more stunning.

The Gunpowder Factory in the Rio Botanical Gardens is a unique museum located in the heart of the gardens. It was established in the early 19th century and was used to store gunpowder and other explosives for the nearby military fort. It has been preserved and is now open to the public. Visitors can explore the history of gunpowder production, learn about gunpowder’s effects on the environment, and discover the importance of its production in Rio de Janeiro’s history. The Gunpowder Factory also houses an extensive collection of firearms and related artifacts, as well as a library of books and documents related to the history of the fort and the gunpowder factory.

Mike's Review & Photos 

👉 100% worth visiting!

I was bummed to be rained out in the middle of my visit. I also left with a ton of bug bites. Future note to self: bring insect repellant!

Mike Lee

Written By: Mike Lee